Hey all - As one of the recommended podcasts here for the Pipedrive community, I'll post on here weekly with our latest episodes that can really help you out. They'll be great resources around marketing, sales, growth, and overall strategy.

Here are the ones from this week that you can check out...

Anik Singal – Purpose Driven Copywriting

Anik Singal is on bringing some amazing insights on copywriting, conversions, and running webinars. Thanks to his copywriting skills, Anik has been able to make over a quarter of a billion dollars worth of sales online.

In the show, we cover the evolution of direct marketing, the 5 steps to talk to your customers, and the basis for “good copywriting.” This episode is packed with content and tools that you can implement immediately.

Scott Oldford – The World Is Changing – Here’s How To Respond

We are talking with Scott Oldford who has an amazing story about how he was able to get back on track after being $1 million in debt. He talks about his rollercoaster trials as an entrepreneur as well as how he is coaching many super successful businesses and in doing so, why he is not necessarily focusing on strategies and tactics, but something much more important.

We also chat about his thoughts about the future, what you should be focusing on both in a financially and mindset sense to prepare yourself for some major reactions to how people will be spending money and where they will be spending it.


I hope these support you right now in these odd, uncertain times! Reach out if I can ever help in any way.