I'm an Hubspot user and exploring Pipedrive to switch completely

Have a few questions:

  1. Email Tracking - When i send 1-1 emails, the tracking can be checked only in the notifications area. Is there a web notification? It's so easy that way. I need to click on the bell icon multiple times every day to check who have viewed/clicked my emails. Hubspot has this and i don't think Pipedrive has it. Any thoughts on this?
  2. Is there a chrome extractor? For example, while i'm browsing LinkedIn - an option to add that contact/s to my pipedrive account without manually filling the details by switching tabs
  3. I send a lot of 1-1 emails. Let's say over a period of time i have sent 100+ emails. Now, is there a way that i could generate a report which shows out of those 100+ 1-1 emails - how many have opened, how many unopened and how many clicked the links? (including who those are)
  4. Can i add the chat/lead chat app option to my email signature? When clicked on that, the visitor will be directed to the chat app directly