The Pipedrive product is really great.  The customer support is really great. The subscription and billling policy is NOT GREAT. Why is the product and subscription service so misaligned????

  • POLICY: You can add a user/seat anytime. You’re billed immediately for the service remaining in the month to start that user. The cost is discounted by the days remaining in the month.
    • ISSUE 1: You can remove a user/seat anytime. BUT you’re not refunded or credited for the remaining days in the month. 
    • ISSUE 2: You can remove a user but if you don’t delete the seat, you will be billed for the user. The need to remove a seat when a user is removed is not stated/prompted during when removing the user. This results in billed seats that aren’t used.
    • ISSUE 3: Pipedrive has a no refund policy. 

How is these policit’s aligned with a customer centric company or product?