I'm new and we do use Google Workspace but we use a very "high security" version of google workspace so I don't want to use PipeDrive as our full email client, e.g. I want to minimize the email being filtered into PipeDrive from Google but also be able to "capture" emails sent to and from potential clients.  I understand I need to Sync in order to use all the features.  I also implemented the tip to only choose 1 subfolder for sync.  Will it still all run smoothly?

This is the main reason we're switching to a CRM (to not have to sift through email inboxes to find communication with clients).  So I need the "capturing" of communications to work well in PipeDrive. 

Does anyone have a similar situation where they want to have minimal email within PipeDrive but still capture "ALL" communication within PipeDrive.