⚠️ Update: good news, Leads in Workflow Automation are now live! 🚀 


One of our teams has started to work on one of the most requested updates for our new leads section in Pipedrive. Which is to connect our leads inbox to our workflow automation feature

So are you patiently waiting to be able to automatically:

  • Create an activity from a new lead
  • Send a personalised email template to your new lead
  • Convert a lead to a deal after a certain activity is done
  • Send a slack message when a specific lead label is applied
  • And much more…

Then stay tuned as we have a team working hard on saving you shiploads of time and manual work. Automations will avoid those manual errors, speed up your sales process and will make your life and that of your team easier along the way 🚀


 ➡️  What will be the first workflow that you will set up once it’s live and why?  ⬅️


📝Please note 📝

Pipedrive reserves the right to modify and update the features in the What's planned?  topic and does not communicate exact timelines for delivery.