I feel like a tool sending a Calendly-style link because it feels like I'm asking the person to do work. But when I do "manual scheduling" I hate the tabbing back and forth between my email and my calendar, then blocking out all the options I've given that person so I don't accidentally double book a slot, and then finally undoing all the time blocks and sending an event invitation. 

What I want is a tool that could just grab 3-5 time slots and put them in the text body of the email as if I had written them, but make them hyperlinks so that all the person on the other end would have to do is click one. I've also done the virtual assistant thing but that always feels pretentious to say "talk to Jamie about scheduling because I can't be bothered." 

A friend just recommended Mixmax for one-click meeting scheduling and it looks like it is similar to what Pipedrive offers in Gmail. Has anyone used both and willing to share their experience? I know Pipedrive is almost what I want, but not quite. What am I missing? Any tips?