I am working on automation integration to send pipedrive deals to Exact globe. For doing this, I have added the Exact customer ID as a field under organisations - under details, with the function Customize fields. I want to use this field in the Email body under workflow automation. Unfortunately however, this field seems not to be available. We have also added customized fields under deal - and those fields are available. This customer ID is imperative to link the deal to the customer in Exact Globe.

Support gave me feedback: The custom field is an organisation type custom field, but the automation trigger is deal type. It should work if the custom field is deal type, or the trigger of the automation is organisation.

For my situation this doesn't work: the automation trigger is clearly deal type (Status change to WON) and the information I need to send is related to the customer (organisation) and is supposed to identify the customer in Exact. 

It was suggested going to use templates. Although the organisation customized field is available indeed in the template, it comes with other problems.  Deal ID is not available as placeholder, nor are the Currency fields as separate placeholder as well as different formatting (inconsistent) with value fields, making it less ideal/unusable for automated processing on the receiving end. Template output:

Pipeline: Support Variation Orders
Deal name: TEST 2 Exact
Customer Code: 100001
Customer name: TEST Company
Value: € 12.345
COS: €1,200
Costs: €1,200
OCR Licenses: €500
PASS Licenses: €400
Deal ID: 

Would be great to see one or more of the items above in near future so that we can start using automation to Exact Globe. Thanks.