The current custom filter system in PipeDrive does not enable you to find organizations that do not currently have deals within a certain Pipeline. For example, If I want to see a list of all organizations with no deals in "Pipeline A", I'd create a filter such as this: 

The issue is this filter will only filter an organization out of my list if it only has (1) deal [total] and that (1) deal is in "Sales Pipeline". Because most organizations have multiple deals across different pipelines and the quantity / combination of these deals is varied, it would be impossible to create the list I'm looking for without extra steps. 

The workaround I use is to create a filter in the deal view, add a custom tag and then search for organizations that have deals with that custom tag. This is imperfect and messy. 

I think it would be great if the filter I gave as an example above worked by showing me any organization that does not have a deal in the given pipeline, regardless of any of its other deals & their pipelines.


Best wishes,