When the Zoom calendar integration was rolled out, it broke some nice functionality with external calendars.

With two way sync, external calendars used to display Person/Deal info in the Event Title like this:

"John Smith > Call" with the contact phone # in the Notes section of the external calendar event.

Now, external calendar events do not include the Person Name in the Event Title. The event Title looks like this instead:


There's a new setting under Calendar Sync that allows you to toggle to "Show contact and deal info" but that setting only puts the Person Name and Phone # in the NOTES section of the external calendar event, NOT in the event Title.

This is a significant downgrade to external calendar integration because now a user has to click each individual event to see the event notes and determine who the appointment is with.

It would be really, really nice if this was fixed quickly to the prior functionality.

Are any fellow PD users with other external calendars (besides Apple Calendar) seeing the same issue?