The insights option is very powerful and useful. It offers 3 entities for reporting and gaining insights. However, there are two entities that is missing in our opinion. It would be very useful to have Persons and Leads added to the list of options to generate a report on. This could provide companies with so much more insights that they can use for future decisions.

Persons - examples for useful reports
1. Report on how many new persons are created
2. Report on how many persons are from a certain country
3. Report on how many of all added persons are connected to a won deal (or lost deal)
4. Report on e.g. which labels are added most to a person

Leads - examples for useful reports
1. A report on the lead/deal conversion
2. A report on the deal source of leads
3. Report on the full cycle: leads > deals > won deals
4. Report on leads/won deals

Please correct me if there already is a possibility in insights for those reports to be generated! I was not able to find out, but would love to have them in our dashboard. It would be a really nice addition to the existing entities 'Deals' 'Activities' 'Revenue Forecast'. 
Is this something Pipedrive can implement?