Let me explain. As a well seasoned sales professional of 13+ years, we follow a very tried and tested process to make calls + followup. First we call the person, if they dont answer, we send them an SMS + Email seeing if they would like to schedule a time with us, allowing them to get in touch by any medium.

The pipedrive mobile app used to work well with this, and we would use the following process:
1) open activity in app
2) press call button
3) make the call
4) if person doesnt answer, leave a message then write a note saing they idnt answer in the activity on phone
5) save activity (the app auto marks it as completed)
6) when closing, the add new activity popup shows to schedule next followup, press save.
7) The original activity shows up again, here we can press the MESSAGE button and send them a message, or send them an email  thourgh the app as we wish. (often users will send the email on the desktop and the sms on the app as it WAS a really great fluid process).

However, now it seems pipedrive have now 'REMOVED' step number 7 entirley, meaning, after you save the new activity it takes you back to the activity list, and as the activityy is checked off... it dissappears from the list.

Meaning, we cannot send them a sms, or email from the app, without now searching for that person/deal finding them and then clicking on ther number to send them an sms.

When you have dozens and dozens of calls to do in a day, this really really adds up., and is needlessly frustrating

I have spoken to pipedrive support, they said that step 7 was a 'bug', a 'bug' that they had FOR OVER 2YEARS. They are not wiling to fix it, as according to them the system now works how it was supposed to.

Removing this final step, breaks the platforms normal sales flow, meaning the app is no longer able to facilitate after call sms or email process at all, which is totally ridiculous, as that is THE ENTIRE POINT OF THE APP. I have explained this to several team members and management... it seems nobody at pipedrive cares about the sales flow of their own product. It takes two seconds to close step 7 if its not needed on that call, but now it takes a LONG time to send sms/email using the app after a call which is required most of the time. We have increased contact from new leads by up to 70% by using sms + email after every no answer (i strongly recommend you add it to your sales flow if you have not already)

I can tell you, we manage dozens of clients sales process as consultants, and work alongside about 4 other major CRM/Pipeline providers, and none of these guys would let this happen to their platform, hubsport for example when we had a sales flow issue went straight to their own makreitng team, hashed it out and fixed it within DAYS.  Freshsales just did the same for another client of ours recently too.

This is the first of dozens of issues with pipedrive that keep appearing and it seems their staff is over burnded, and I know for a fact their bug pile is too big for them to actually deal with effectively. I have had several other bugs 'fixed' by their team that got reverted because it seems some programmer made a decsion that does not really understand the sales flow or requirements of using the system... and just wanted to 'optimise' it from a programmers point of view which is simply not sufficient when building a tool like this. I am reassured again and again by management they have a testing team and everything is run through several tiers of management, but given what im seeing on the ground with their tool, I dont see how that is possible.

As a consulting firm of 13 years, with literally dozens of our cleints on the platform, we becoming hesitant to recommend this platform as we have dozens of open tickets and every week or two we contact support with more issues. Come on pipedrive, lift your game, this is not good enough, this one item alone is costing us real $$ on the ground for our sales team and is a huge needless hassle.