Are any new features planned for Pipedrive web forms?

I briefly compared it to Elementor Pro's inbuilt form builder and - right now - the Pipedrive form builder's functionality is so weak that it's not worth the time it saves.

Here are my main issues.

  • No mobile optimization. Each input box flows off the screen on mobile - which looks cheap.
  • Poor layout optimization. I used HTML to center the form, but these kind of adjustments should be inbuilt.
  • No custom email subject. I like my leads to arrive with a clear header and emoji - eg. '💸   New website lead - so that I instantly know what they're about.
  • Captcha 3 only. Way overkill. I'm not going to subject potential customers to clicking five different pictures of cars. That's crazy. Some will give up. Captcha 2 is quicker and plenty good enough.
  • Poor button customisation. My Elementor forms have buttons with CSS effects to 'grow' etc. that match my website's design scheme.

I'd rather keep the slicker, more flexible Elementor form and copy/paste the data into Pipedrive, sadly.

Any plans to upgrade this feature? It'd be great to have it useable.