Hi to all! I use Zoom for personal or "informal" video meeting and Microsoft Teams for business. Always my business meeting are organized with Pipedrive Scheduler.

The problem was that on my calendar there were not the direct link to Teams Meeting, and I had to send it to my gests with a separate email, creating a new calendar meeting with Teams. 

The result was I (and my guests) had 2 calendar meeting, one from Pipedrive Scheduler and another created by Teams (with the direct link to video meeting):  WTF ?!?! :-( 

An additional problem is that Microsoft Teams doesn't has a "private room" or a unique link to use for personal and instant meeting, like Zoom.


Creating a personal meeting room in Teams

  1. In Teams, go to Calendar, and "New meeting"
  2. Add - ad a participant - only you! Don't use your Office365 email, but another account
  3. No matter time and date, choose what you want

When you receive the invitation, the link inside the email is your personal meeting room, valid forever! Copy this link

Adding link on Pipedrive Scheduler

Create a short link with bit.ly or another service. Now you can easily insert your new short link into the description of Pipedrive Scheduler: each people will book you an appointment, will receive the link (active!) both in confirmation email and calendar email.

You can also delete your original meeting used to generate the link and it will remain valid.

My 2cents.

Stay safe. Keep learning.