I finally discovered what exactly is planned with the new Documents implementation and am very happy this is already much further along than I expected!

But since we have some specific tasks we would like to do with this feature, here's some early feedback:

  • Too many manual steps, more automation! (i.e. an option to automatically make it a signable doc with the contact person and editor instead of manually adding that each time, automatically choose between different templates according to information from the deal so you don't have to manually choose the template each time, give an option to send out that Doc via Mail with one simple button, etc.)
  • We need the option to put specific fields into the Doc, that the customer has to fill out - not only a signature
  • It would be really awesome, if there (longterm ofc) would be a function that with one click of a button (or phase of the Pipeline) Pipedrive would automatically pick a template according to a custom data field, make it a signable doc between the editor and contact from pipedrive and send out that document (including fields for the customer to fill out) via Mail including a custom message. That is asking for a lot, I know, but that is what we currently built using Pipedrive togheter with Zapier and PandaDoc. If Pipedrive could replace that functionality, my entire company with 20+ Accounts would switch to the more expensive plan in an instant.