Looking at Kixie and Nectardesk, and any sales-related dialers that integrate with Pipedrive. I’d love to have one that integrates with Front too, but that’s not a must. As long as I can 2-way SMS in Front.

I want to be able to do auto-dialing from filtered lists from Pipedrive (no manual upload), mass-voicemail drop, and auto text when a voicemail is left (call disposition/outcome automations).

I know that some of this can be set up in Zapier, but the more that can be done in the app, the better.

I was looking at AirCall, JustCall, and Talkdesk as they integrate with Front too, but it didn’t look like they had all of this functionality, though AirCall has quite a public roadmap on Trello.

PhoneBurner looks legit, and has a Zapier integration, and will be launching a PieSync integration soon. However, I like native integrations better.

Thanks in advance!