We made a huge transformation in our quoting process, thank you Pipedrive for the boost! :)

This week we went Live with the quoting generation directly from Sales Documents, based on the information added in the deal products.

We have one marketing issue... Customers now only see the unit price with VAT and because many of them are companies (B2B), the liquid value is what matters to them to make the decicion and we are not showing it. 

In the end, it has a bad effect on who is reading it. When comparing it with a competitor quote that does not show the values with VAT. Example below:

Unit price should indicate net value without VAT
Unit price should indicate net value without VAT


As example, Invoice software always shows the net value before and only after it shows the calculated total amount with VAT. I would call this "the standard" knowing that it is expected to see:

1 - net value

2 - VAT

3 - total value = net value + VAT

In the end, the root cause of this issue is not being possible to indicate a net value in the deals product.

Just hope Pipedrive can fix / improve this... Also, If anyone has a workaround or faces the same issues, please share! :)