First of all, our company enjoys using PD, and it is a valued system with many benefits.

We are a Sales company with over 900 products, each Product can have up to 5 different Product variations (different backings, colours or materials of one product) each Product Variation has different pricing.

We are required to do Reporting and need to have the funtionality to show the different products and variations and quantities in the Deal List View, so as to show many other custom Fields we have added for Reporting purposes. Currently this is not something PD can do with Products. 

However we required this information for reporting to:

  • Suppliers - product and Colour & Qty required,
  • Sales Reps reporting Deals & forcasting Products sales to Management - product details required,
  • Deal reporting for our Agents to manage project deadlines with Product forecasting,
  • Manage Stock orders for Product lines where Deals are at the End of the Pipeline stages.

The Product Tab where it shows the deals still doesn't not show the required information. You still need to go into every deal to see the info. With so many products, this does not seem like a solution.

Another area that we use in Sales and I believe many companies would need is the ability to Bulk Edit Product Pricing. There seems no easy way to do this?? I am not sure why there is Pricing in the Product Variations, if it cannot be bulk edited every time we receive a price rise (something every company needs surely). Manual editing is just not sustainable. Is there some kind of work around here as Reporting and editing is a crucial part of what our Team is required to do.

Even if we were to do another Product import without Variations (something that is not possible to import) would it override the current product or give us a double up of those products?? Many of these products are already linked to deals also.

Thanks for any help - much appreciated!