I have a problem with drag-and-drop file upload, and I'm wondering anybody have the same problem.

When I tried drag-and drop file upload, sometimes it doesn't work as expected—the browser opens the PDF file in a new tab instead of uploading this file to a Pipedrive deal.

  1. Steps to reproduce:
    1. Under Windows 10, a Google chrome browser is an active window; that is, it has the focus on a Microsoft Windows desktop.
    2. A windows file explorer is behind this active Google browser.
    3. Drag a PDF from the windows file explorer until the Pipedrive window shows 'Drag files here', then drop the file.
  2. What you expect to see: the PDF file is uploaded to a Pipedrive deal
  3. What you saw instead: nothing happens or the browser opens the PDF file in a new tab.

I contacted the support team with the attached screen recording, but they said they cannot replicate the same issue on their end.

Does anybody experience the same problem on Windows 10? Am I the only one experiencing this problem in Windows 10 with Google Chrome Browser?