Hello fellow Salespeople... so, whenever we  lose a deal and click that big red LOST button,  a little comment box pops up and asks us for a comment. I use this little box to describe why I lost the deal (price was too high, customer went with a competitor, etc) 


When we go back and look through our old lost deals, the comment is nowhere to be found! In my opinion, the "REASON DEAL WAS LOST" should be immediately available (ie "at a glance") to salespeople reviewing their old deals. 

Pipedrive has given us the perfect comment box to write our "final note" before we close out a deal - and then they remove it from our view!

Apparently, other people are noticing this too and it's becoming a frequent request. Would anyone else like to see the "REASON LOST"  clearly and prominently displayed on our lost deals?