Payments are a great new feature of Pipedrive! Now we can forecast revenue in a meaningful way for both subscription services and separate payments! Well done Pipedrive!

For example I close to winning a deal, Deal A for $100,000 I could create a $50k payment for January and a $50k payment for March. I've another deal, Deal B which also closes 50% ($25k) in March as well.

However... there isn't a way to be able to see individual payment transactions in a report. When you click on the aggregated revenue total for a month in the Subscription Revenue report, you do get the deals that make up that revenue total... but you can only see the value of the total deal and not the value of the payment that contribued to that month's revenue! 

It's essential, however to able to see the separate payments values that go towards your monthly revenue number. 

Example report detail for March with data above would show:

  • Deal A Payment 2:  $50,000
  • Deal B Payment 1 : $25,000
  • TOTAL FOR MARCH $75,000

From a Sales / Account Management perspective it means that it's easy for finance to see what they should be invoicing from month to month.

This change would be super-useful for anyone using payments for revenue forecasting. Please Pipedrive, can you make this minor, but incredibly valuable change?