Just set up a powerful zap that you guys may find helpful for your businesses. We are always trying to find easy ways for our customer base to interact with us. We set up with SurveyAdvantage for automated email surveys that directed happy customers to review sites to leave a positive review. However, most of our contacts in Pipedrive don't have email addresses. We needed a mobile friendly SMS solution.

Enter Grade.us. Grade.us is a really simple review landing page that provides a feedback form for unhappy customers, and a slick and simple review widget for happy customers. I used a zap to take all new Pipedrive "won" deals to trigger this workflow. The Zapier Filter verifies that there is a phone number.

The final zap in the sequence adds a "+1" to the front of the number and sends a basic message in Twilio requesting the review:

"Hello from Big Red's Equipment, and thanks for your business! Please take a minute to review your experience here:


Now, I plan to add a followup sequence if they don't click through. For now, though, this will greatly improve our review rate!