Many IT companies, and probably also in other areas, sell through resellers.

As we register deals and we run the negotiation process usually, unfortunately, we need to provide discounts to close a deal.

The discount column is already available in products, and that's ok.

But we miss an additional discount column (discount2) to be used for reseller's margin.

The reason why I don't think discount should be done for reseller margin is because we want to be able to track our price changes from the pricelist in regards to the sale, and also to keep an easy to understand discount value (percentage) to that customer.

So my propose is to be able to have multiple discount values, in that discount2 will be calculated from the price value after discount1 (currently there).

We decided to create a product called 'PARTNER MARGIN' but this means we need to manually feed this value for every deal - and being a human thing it's prone to errors.

I was hoping if this improvement could be considered by the management team!

I'm fully available to discuss and elaborate more on this if necessary.