Our company has two separate products, that are treated as two separate businesses for all intents and purposes. The sales users on each product does not need to see what the other team has in their pipeline etc. We rarely have customers that crossover and use both products at the same time.

Whilst we can restrict who sees deals, it would be so much nicer if we could have the option to restrict who sees which pipeline based on the team they are added to. This way, we can keep separate pipelines for each product, and then have no concerns about sales users viewing other pipelines.

The reason for this is that we hire contractors at times, and we do not want them to have unrestricted access to every pipeline in the platform. Adding some sort of ability to only show certain pipelines to specific teams would resolve this.

Currently, the teams can see all pipelines, but some appear blank because they cannot see the deals - seems strange to stop there.