I have met 2 problems that i do not know how to solve. Maybe you would like to take those problems into account thinking about new functionalities. (or maybe there is solution i do not know)


1) we can set numbers of days when deals start rooting. but when there is new activity then time is reset. I would like functionality that will show me when deal is on specific stage more than „X” days, no matter if there were activities or not (to avoid situation when deal is very long time in 1 stage) – without necessity checking it in the detail view of the deal


2) i would like to make workflow automation like this:

Trigger: deal updated


if deal lost reason is „xxx”


if chosen Organisation custom field is „yyy”

then: send email

the problem is that when i choose trigger: deal updated then conditions are only connected with deals (i can not choose Organisation custom field)


i would be grateful if you have any solutions for mentioned problems