I am currently implementing the use of Google Docs for my entire team.

There are several issues:

1) Pipedrive only allows to create Google Docs documents and not Google Sheets at all. This poses a problem especially for quotes.

2) I have a problem on some Pipedrive accounts in my company to associate the Google Drive.I regularly get the message: The "Connect with Google" feature has been temporarily disabled for this application. This application has not yet been validated by Google and cannot benefit from the Google Sign-In feature".
I have contacted your chat several times and I still don't have the solution.
I tried everything: Using a window in private browsing, logging out of all Google accounts and including logging out of accounts when Pipedrive synchronizes.
I even went to GSuite to check permissions. They are the same for all accounts. I don't know what to do anymore and I really need help on this point quickly.
We want to get rid of Panda to use this feature before the beginning of October 2020.

3) It's important when working in a team to be able to associate (for those who use GSuite) to point Google Drive to the drive shared by the user.
Because, at the moment, we are obliged to switch to all user accounts and create the templates 1 by 1 on each account. This is very constraining, especially since with this system each salesperson can, if he or she wishes, modify the templates. Outside in a company, the communication is standardized.

I thank you in advance for contacting me quickly to find a solution to point 2 quickly and hope that my remarks can help you to develop your features further.

In this expectation.