Latley I feel Pipedrive rush all new functions and doesnt think them all the way through. Heres is what I think.


  1. Branding. Like alot of other user writes. Why does it need to scream Pipedrive? I had a customer that thought it was a spam and deleted it.  I pay for Professional and think my logo should be the highlight of the email. You can put a nice "Power by Pipedrive" at the bottom that looks nice and its more classi.
  2. Sender Email. Why isnt it our own email as the sender? I have a integration between PD and google. My customer cant replay on the email.
  3. When a booking is made from the customer. Why isnt it connected to Organisation or deal if it exist or create those two doesnt exist? Now its manually work to do it. 
  4. Update calendar event. So when the booking has been done of my customer I see the activity in PD and create an organization and a deal then I connect the activity to it. Now my customer gets an email saying the event has been updated, but its hasnt for my customer, now they are confused.


I feel I can go on and on and that Im beeing negative. I used to think when Pipedrive realesed new updates they are solid and good planned.