Pipedrive, I love you but in todays CRM competitive marketplace, having a a scheduler that barely works, is a big turnoff. 

Things to be fixed:

  • For the question to allow us to link information, Example for it to allow me to ask for persons company and for that to be linked to Organizations. 
    Today is would just be a note data.
  • Allow for Round Robin or Group meeting. Example: for a scheduler to allow me to invite and look for slots in two or more people to suggest a time.
  • Allow to have a location or Google hangouts or a zoom from the setup and not have me needing to go to every invite manually to suggest a location.
  • Meeting reminders or emails to the prospects... Show up rate dropped by 40% when I was using your scheduler vs Hubspots or Calendly.

Lastly in another topic, the Recurring or subscription doesn't connect to products, which means I have to retype thing 100s of times.