Hi Everyone,

I'm currently using Apollo.io for email marketing and helping facilitate SDR phone calls; however, their pricing for the phone is VERY expensive and their data is really bad.  We're going to transition to using Zoominfo or SalesIntel for data but I need a better way to set up email / phone tasks that are more automated.  

What I like about Apollo is the easy ability to see email statistics and phone statistics in one platform.  Would love to learn how others are having their SDRs handle email / phone follow-up in a very fast way.  I'm talking about automating the dialing so no need to click-to-call and then automating follow-up wherever necessary.

Can anyone please share some insights into how you integrate Pipedrive into this with your SDRs?  Would LOVE to learn how others are successful here rather than trying to re-invent the wheel by needing something like a Salesloft or Outreach.

Thank you!!