Hi everyone, I'm a business broker and my deals represent companies that I'm helping to sell. I associate my client (the seller) with each deal, but I'm struggling with associating and tracking each buyer with a deal. Buyers are often associated with multiple deals and will have a different status with each deal (i.e. "NDA not signed", "NDA signed", "interested", "not interested", etc.) I'm currently tracking this through a custom field that has the deal's name. For example, I'm selling ABC Co and have a buyer a custom filed that has"ABC Co - NI" (NI = "Not Interested")in it. That same buyer may be interested in "XYZ Co" and have a status like "XYZ Co - NDA - Yes" to show that they've signed the NDA. This won't allow me to use that custom field for templated emailing. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I might be tracking buyers and their associated deals more efficiently? Thanks in advance!