Pipedrive is firstly a very fun and easy to to manage with some amazing capabilities which no doubt ar worth the money for businesses - but not so much for individuals/sole traders.

But for me as a real estate agent looking for a good CRM the simple fundamentals of contacts and emailing do not make this a cost effective software;

  1. I cannot one way sync from Pipedrive to iPhone
    • I only want one way sync, so all personal contacts stay out of Pipedrive
    • PieSync can hep but this is an additional $20/M cost currently and will increase year on year when I add more contacts.
  2. Group email options limited
    • I can set up amazing filters to really target the right type of clients but then cannot email the group in that filter without the Professional subscription ($50/
  3. Deals are limited to automatically calculate other values
    • Deal Vale (Property Value) - Awesome and cal see how all deals are tacking in volume 
    • Commission Rate - would be awesome to have a an automated value that calculates from deal value eg $2,000,000 X 2% - $40,000 (there is a way around this wil 'copying' the deal and entering the commission value as the dal value and keeping in the pipeline
    • Also would need a manual deduction value as per above.

I know I am poor with tech so if someone has some fixes for me that would be awesome otherwise unfortunately for me I will be cancelling my subscription of Pipedrive in June for another option.