Thanks for letting me join. I have tested 13 (yes 13) crm systems for our small “ social” company from June 18 to last February.

And I can truly say I loved Pipedrive the most.

A few features still missing but I hope to use the coming time to “influence” the developers in implementing those features.

So far I have experienced a great, friendly and skilled help desk via chat. And a very intuitive crm system. As an illiterate in IT I even managed to create a pipeline that is used to track a hiring process for one of our activities ( we post people with a handicap to other companies. From receiving a cv until renewing a contract, all build in a pipeline. And a custom field attaches people to the sales pipeline ( candidate a proposed to prospect or customer b)

What I’m still waiting for?

  • Better postal code suggestions for the Netherlands
  • Tie a mail to a deal or customer from within outlook
  • Writing with an Apple Pencil in report fields
  • An export possibility for Apple notes to Pipedrive

Hope to help and learn from the others here.

Kind regards from a wet and windy Netherlands.