This is actually a common functionality in calendar software.

Especially for those of us who do not work fixed hours, it just comes as natural to use the Pipedrive calendar for both private and work related events. Putting private events in there also ensures availability is reliably presented, esp. when using the Scheduler.

The problem is, everyone in the team can see these private items and we usually do not want our colleagues to need to browse through the "Walking the dog"s  and "Uncle's birthday party"s to get to the relevant information. 

We can of course just name the private event something like "Private" but then we ourselves lose the ability to see what's exactly on our schedule.

Hence the suggestion:

  • a "private" tick box that  makes the event visible to the owner, but  just appearing as "private" or "busy" to everyone else


  • ability to sync another calendar in addition to the primary one;  and choose whether all events synced from it are marked as private or public.

That's it! Keep up the good work