So, I've seen today that our beloved reporting dashboard is being replaced with insights.

Unfortunately, these are NOT offering the same features, and we are now going to be losing one of the most important tools that is one of the core reasons we chose pipe drive in the first place.

Let me explain:

In reporting for ANY business, the most important thing we need is to be able to quickly track periods of time (and compare them if possible). The current dashboard while basic, does this some what well, while I cannot compare side by side, it is more than suitable for the job. (our team loves it)

I can simply show this month, last month or select any date range at the top, and easily see what I need across ALL the items in the dashboard.

This leads me to insights...

In insights, you cant do this... what you can do is individually select each single report/chart/data item and select a date range, meaning, for me to visualise my data how i need,  i would have to edit dozens of reporting items... or.... i would have to create dozens of dashboards... one for each date range (quarterly, monthly, yearly, financial year, each individual month on a rolling basis) both a totally absurd proposition, and simply not feasible in any way, especially considering i would also need to update every report individually if i wanted to make a changes. (it is also important to note that multiple dashboards also cost me money in that to create multiple dashboards i have to upgrade to a pro licence which we have no desire to do.)

All I want to do, is see my stats, and easily be able to choose a date range those stats are relevant to.

eg; I might want to see this quarter, or this month, or last month, or day or year or any easily select date range in my dashboard.

As insights cannot do this... then i would request that you please do NOT remove dashboards until this feature is added... while insights and customised dashboards COULD offer a nice update,  until you fix this major oversight insights is completely impractical, and we do not wish to lose this very important functionality we have and use all the time.

Thanks guys :) TO end on a positive note, I do LIKE the idea of insights, i see what you are trying to achieve and i think its a great idea.