Hi, Recently Pipedrive got unsyncd from gmail and g suite and I had to do another "sync". The problem when this happened is that it created a duplicate of all my contacts in pipedrive and deleting the original contacts, making me loose more than 1.5k contact history from previous 2+ years. All my won deals are with deleted contacts, and I have lost track of attribution of deals and contact as well as their origin. 

The pipedrive support did a rollback of the sync, however when it synched again, same issue and all the contacts got duplicated and the original ones got deleted instead of properly merged.

This is something that is driving our management crazy as suddenly a plan to further integrate with pipedrive has been halted and we might have to look for an alternative CRM like if this issue does not get solved. I personally really like using pipedrive so it would be great if there would be a proper way to handle contact sync issues.


Does any of you have suffered the same situation with contacts sync? have you been able to solve this somehow?