We all use checklists, right? For every different deal once you click on it on the "DEALS" section and go to its own section, it would be great to have the possibility to add a checklist for the pending actions/items to which we need to follow up for that particular opportunity.

On the "Details" section we can now add different fields, but not a task/checklist. Something like Microsoft's TODO, or even a simple list like in IOS' NOTES, where the checked items move to the bottom of the list.

Every deal has different needs and sometimes trying to find out where we are and what's next or pending for a particular opportunity takes a lot of time in order to go thru the last performed sales actions within Pipedrive (or somewhere else) or check on the last sent emails or messages, to be able to conclude what's next. If we had this list, we would know at any time, what the next action is, to move forward in that deal.