After 4+ years of privately following up Pipedrive developers team, we've had no progress whatsoever so hereby putting out to the community to seek support.  


Pipedrive provide a feature to allow admin users to select a default FY period for their global region and respective country FY reporting regime, adding 1 Jul - 30 Jun period as a new FY (this year) option. 


a) America and Europe - Pipedrive default FY period (or "this year" is for US and some European countries, being 1 Jan-31 Dec.

b) Global / Asia - There are lots of countries worldwide which use a different FY period, being 1 Jul - 30 Jun.  We request that Pipedrive provide options for users to select this as an alternative default period for creating all deals, reports, dashboards, forecasts. 

Pipedrive need to take a global perspective, here's a list from wiki on varying FY periods globally used by countries.


The default settings and dashboards the Pipedrive create are for US/Europe FY periods, which makes everything redundant for anyone that is outside these regions.  Pipedrive advise that users can create "custom periods" however any user outside America/Europe has to create custom periods, for every single report, dashboard, deal.  This is very time consuming, costly and leaves open for human error, and makes Pipedrive useless unless done for every single input for each organisation. 

While we see custom period as a valuable feature, we do NOT want to have to select and use custom periods for every field, every report, every forecast, every dashboard etc that we need to create in using Pipedrive. 


Salesforce, HubSpot and several other reputable CRM's all offer users ability to select their own default FY period, which makes it easier for all reporting, dashboards and deal management.