Edit: This is live for all users and new signups now! 


We invite you to test out improvements on the Calendar and Activity view. Please fill in your account name and registered email address on this form -> https://forms.gle/Qw1kpS67YQx8KuTM8

What are the improvements?

  • Quickly access activity information on the calendar
  • Quickly access linked deal, linked person and linked organization information on the Activity view


Why are we doing this?

  • From our data, we see that 70% of the activities clicked on the Pipedrive Calendar view are viewed and saved without editing. We can infer that most activities opened are done so with the purpose of only seeing more information on the activity.
  • With overlapping activities on the calendar, it can be quite time consuming to open-and-close activities one by one. With the Activity card, it is faster to access the same information with just a single click
  • We have received a lot of feedback from users who would want to access information on the linked deal, linked person, linked organization on the Activity view. Now you can do so by hovering your mouse cursor on the item.

After you submit the form, these features will be enabled for your company within the next 12 hours! 

Please leave feedback on the Community thread with your thoughts.

Thank you and happy testing!