I'm filing another translation mistakes in Product Variation.

In English version, I have no problem at all.

In Korean version, however, I have three problems.

  1. 'Add variation' in the green button
    • '다른 상품 추가' means 'Add product' rather than 'Add variation'.
    • The correct translation must be '변형 추가'
  2. 'No variations added yet'
    • '아직 추가된 종류 없음' means 'No categories added yet'.
    • The correct translation must be '아직 추가된 변형 없음'
  3. Variations allow splitting a product into sub-products with different prices
    •  I think '하나의 상품을 서로 다른 가격을 가지는 하위 상품으로 분할하려면 '변형'을 이용하세요.' sounds better.

Hope this helps.