We are currently exploring building two #Kixie Apps on UnifiedVU, which will form the template for other telecom apps on UnifiedVU Platform.

1. Dialler App - Click on Pipedrive Contact App and then click on Dialler App to make the call.

2. Caller/Called Intelligence App - Select a call made or received and get full 360ยบ view. Similar to www.unified.vu/mailchimp-analytics application.

3. (1) and (2) will also respond to each other.

In terms of feedback:

1. What's in your telecom/voice-communication stack (browser diallers, VOIP, traditional telephone, etc).

2. What's the level of utilisation of browser diallers vs other means of voice communication?

3. If we build, would you be up for a free trial?

Many thanks.



PS: As an early stage startup, we have many applications that could be pursued. Given we are bootstrapped, I want to make sure we build solutions that genuinely add value and will be used.