It would be great if we could use the api-key values for our native pipedrive automation. 

I strongly belive it would open up countless opportunities to automate even more boring tasks in pipedrive.

e.g "i want to create a new contact where i dont have the first name (api first_name) but i have the last name (api lastname).  Working with german speaking customers i created a custom field "Anrede" (Salutation) for Mr. or Mrs. so i can use that fields in Email Templates. 

In that situation a workaround to ad Mr. Doe (where pipedrive would add Mr. as the firstname  and Doe as the wanted last_name)  wouldnt be acceptable as it s 1. unorganisied to have two fields with the same value and 2. uneffective to fill the same infomation in two fields.

The solution here would be to create an automation like : if lastname is empty , copie first_name value in last_name then delete first_name value.

... or just let us customise which fields appear in the "new contact" box. 

The support suggested to use Zapier for that solution but i dont want to go through the hassle of implementing Zapier for everyone in the team AND it just doesnt makes sense to me that a external tool can use the values while native pipedrive cant do it.

If i overlooked a simple solution to my problem i'd be more then thankfull to here it from you guys but i think my suggestion to use the api-key values in our pipedrive automation holds value for everyone nonetheless and i'd be thrilled to see in pipedrive.