Hi Pipedrive community!

I would like to hear feedback on the app (https://marketplace.pipedrive.com/app/champlist/d0cbc932d68db9a2), which I built as a fan of Pipedrive. I use Pipedrive for a long time and I decided to leverage the environment and start building features directly in the app. 

WHY did we decide to develop it?

  • Turning contacts into fresh leads after job change – we have found out that people who love our products usually take it to a new company with almost no effort from our side. Low sales costs, no need to introduce features
  • Preventing churn – we like to keep track of all our users and decision makers to prevent churn if they leave the company 

WHAT the app currently do? 

  • Automatically track job changes in LinkedIn profiles – we detect it fast so you can reach out to your contact early after the job change
  • Continuously monitor email validity – we monitor email status and notify you, when the email is not working anymore
  • Get LinkedIn profile URL from business email (beta) – we can enrich your contacts with LinkedIn URLs more accurately than Clearbit or UpLead 

Please let me know if it is something interesting and I will be happy for your feedback!