Hello all... I have thought more about what I am trying to accomplish with Pipedrive and would like a little advice from those that have been there.

We have several means of contacting us and/or generating leads. I am fine with manually creating deals for things that are less frequent like phone calls and such. The most frequent method of contact is through a web form. We actually have two, one which is just a contact form and the other and most important is a pricing request form.

Currently we have a form outside of Pipedrive (in Wordpress) and it grabs the data from the form, emails it to an email address Pipedrive syncs with and we create deals from those emails manually. This is getting old to say the least. We have done it this way for a long time because we don't want deals auto-created that match deals already in the system. That's at least part of the reason.

We are aware of PD forms which didn't work for us in the past for a few reasons including the reason mentioned above. Another reason we haven't used PD forms is because we need to provide a URL for them to click on with pricing after they fill out the form. PD forms allows only a text base response so we can't even provide them with a clickable link to our pricing.

Also, we were emailing them the pricing link before which seemed to be a challenge with PD forms. Now we don't care about emailing the pricing link anymore because it always gets caught in SPAM filters anyhow, we just want to display it to them.

So, any thoughts on the best way to capture these leads where a deal is auto created and hopefully not duplicated with an already existing lead? Additionally, we need to display a clickable URL with our pricing after they fill out the form.

I know there is an API and I can certainly continue down that road (already started a while back) but, it seems like a lot of work to do something I consider to be fairly simple in a product I pay a fair amount of money for each month.

Any thoughts or advice are appreciated and thanks in advance.