I was talking with Pipedrive support today about how to setup a certain automation in combination with web forms. In short: I have a webform, which creates inbound leads with DEAL, ORGANIZATION and PERSON. However, we work with multiple persons in the team, and I want to autodistribute those inbound requests: 1st request goes to person A, 2nd request goes to person B, 3rd request to C, 4th to A, 5th to B and 6th to C, etc. I understood this isn't possible.

How I envisioned it is in automation update 'owner' in organization, deal and person. 

The supporting lady told me: 

But you're making a very valid suggestion and I would love if you could go onto our community and leave your feedback there: https://community.pipedrive.com/feed/feedback-suggestions

So here I am with the suggestion!