I noticed that there was an issue with the Webhooks recently and for some time they did not fire. After discussing it with Pipedrive support I was informed that you had an issue and it was now fixed, however, the webhooks that didn't fire during the issue will not run after it was fixed. When I asked if it was possible to know what had not fired, I was informed that only your engineers have complete logs. Don't you think it would be useful for the users to have access to those as well?

For example now, for unknown amount of time none of our webhooks fired. This disrupted the process and I don't have any way of knowing what had fired and what had not, which is not super fun. It's good that for now we are not many users in Pipedrive and I can manually do the checks and make sure the process resumes as it should. However when we are 20-50 salesman using Pipedrive, then I would much rather look at the log list or something (and get some notification that there is an issue) than acditently finding that there was something and  going thourh tens or hundreds of deals to make sure everything is as it should be.


This is not related to the server where webhooks connects not working, since that you can see. This is about Pipedrive not triggering the webhooks in the first place.