"Hi ---, thanks for reconnecting. We talked once last time when I was considering changing CRMs from Pipedrive. 

Shortly thereafter peers convinced me to stay with Pipedrive, primarily because of its simplicity and price. Now I'm having the same questions again; managing client and nonclient relationships and communications outside of the sales process is a weakness of Pipedrive IMO. 

I dread the thought of taking on more software; I suppose this is a common fear. The frustration of searching multiple places for notes about a person (for example more information about our last conversation) must be a common struggle for others besides me. 

For example, I wonder: Can I find that information about our call in my iphone phone call history, text message history, LinkedIn messaging, Outlook contact notes, OneNote, Messenger, Voxer, PipeDrive, LincSphere, QuickBooks communications, my tax practice management software embedded notes or just scribbled on the back of your business card in a box beneath my desk? 

No platform pulls these all together on a desktop to help sort through the insanity. It's maddening trying to keep up to date with all these disjointed platforms. I'm somewhat skeptical that any platform will make a big difference. "