Hello there, I signed up for the Professional account, I will pay $59 dollars per month.  For me, it was perfect, but when I want to include my team members that have nothing to do with the set up of the database and will only follow instructions I have to get them to be on the same professional account as I will be, my question is why?  If they will not use all the features I'm using?  Also, if I have a team of 20 people if will be extremely expensive to have everyone in my team to use limited features of our charts.  I need to know if there is a way that they can be on the Essential account and I be on the Professional account.  If now, there is no way my team can grow with this program because it would be outrageous.  Almost every company out there has a discounted price for team members.  Please let me know if this will be addressed shortly or if it's even something planned for the near future.