I appear to have discovered yet another thing that "should be possible in Pipedrive, but is not!".

Like many salespeople, I frequently have to share information about my customers with my suppliers. Perhaps you do the same.

I built an email template in PipeDrive that correctly pre-populates with all the appropriate fields that I want to share with a supplier/partner. Good so far.

Then I manually change the to-email-address from the auto-generated customer-email to supplier-email... and presto!  All the pre-populated data in the body of the email gets messed up. Darn!

I reached out to TechSupport. Their paraphrased response: "Pipedrive facilitates communications to prospects and customers, but the integration with Nylas was not built for the use-case of communications with suppliers".

Can anyone think of a way to build a template in PD, have the customer data in the template be complete, and send it to a supplier/partner?  

I am thinking I could create custom-fields that duplicate the personal information, but wow, what a pain that'd be!

Thanks for your comments.