The current Xero integration lacks the ability to link back from Xero to the relevant Deal or Person in Pipedrive. This means multiple invoices/Statement of Account lacks the ability for the customer to tie back to specific orders. The invoices contain only Organisation Information but nothing Deal or Person specific.

For example - a client sells to supermarkets with multiple locations but billing, and therefore the Organisation, is centralised. Each invoice is raised and emailed but the supermarket doesn't know which store this is for.

Attempted Workaround: 

I set a watch for a new invoice being raised in Xero, and then put "{Person Name} - {Deal ID}" from Pipedrive into the Xero Invoice Reference field. In theory, a solid solution!

However, when an invoice is raised, Pipedrive does not mark the Deal as "updated". This means it is impossible to watch for changes caused by invoices being raised. 

Using the /deals/{id}/flow API, it is possible to retrieve the Xero Invoice GUID and go back and update Xero. However, without the trigger/event raised in Pipedrive or the deal being "updated", it is not feasible to check every deal to find the invoice I'm looking for.

Requested Solution:

  1. Allow users to populate the reference field directly in PIpedrive
  2. Mark a deal as updated when an invoice is raised via Pipedrive

Both of the above solutions would work and allow Organisations with multiple delivery locations/persons etc to tie their accounts back to an order more easily.

I would also love to hear from others with recommendations and workarounds in the meantime.