I am (almost) embarassed to say it in front of this audience, but I have never actually used Zapier before and I am struggling to get something done. Can you help (or do you know someone who can)?

Pipedrive's own automations don't allow dates to be triggers. I want to set a deadline, and then automatically create tasks (say...) 6 days prior to that deadline, and 4 days and 2 days.

Similarly I want to send emails both x-days prior and following a specific date (which is a custom field in PD). I have created a filter in Pipedrive, and that got me part of the way but not to the goal line.

Wish list: is it possible for Zapier to send an email "from Pipedrive" using a Pipedrive template, or must I send the email from Zapier itself? Yes, I'd like to use existing templates but I'd also like that email to automatically appear in my Sent-mail IMAP folder.

Thank you in advance for your consideration!