Hi all,

I'm doing some fun integrations with Gsheets using Zapier. Here's what I trying to achieve. I have 2 PD filters, A & B:

  • A: when deals move to stage XYZ and are "open"
  • B: deals are still in stage XYZ but marked as "lost"

I want both to appear in a Gsheet. For filter A, I have succeed to "create a new row" in Gsheets as below.


The next step, is perhaps a multi-step Zapier. Here's what I want:

  • If one of the above deals is marked as "Lost", it will go out of filter A and moved into filter B
  • When a deal enters filter B, I want to scan my sheet for the ID (example: ID 15570)
  • If the ID is there (which will always be true), I want to update ONLY that particular row (example: ID 15570). This should be a dynamic vlookup search.
  • Although I want to update the whole role, the only values that will change are "Status" and "Stage change".

I haven't succeeded in this multi-step Zapier, most likely because I didn't quite understand the "customize spreadsheet rows" in the last 2 steps. 

Could somebody explain me which fields I should enter in those last 2 Zapier steps?